Points of View

Graphic Design • Signage – 2019

Soleil noir - Thibault Brunet
Libera Pagina! - Suzan Noesen



Our role

Graphic Design
Exhibition Signage


Cercle Cité


Thibault Brunet
Suzan Noesen

Context & Goals

The exhibition 'Points of View' at Cercle Cité presents two different points of view, from the artists Thibault Brunet and Suzan Noesen, marked by their very personal gaze. Their subjects and techniques are very different, but their approach has a lot of similarities. The works 'Soleil noir' and 'Libera Pagina!' are composed by different layers and superpositions, surfaces and transparencies, and thousands of points of views. We wanted to translate this approach into one strong image on the exhibition invitation, since it is the very first thing the spectator will see, and it will have to merge the work of those two very different artists.

Points of View Invitation to scratch Open
Points of View Poster
Points of View - Niche