Dystopian Circles /
Fragments All Along

Graphic Design • Signage – 2017

'Dystopian Circles / Fragments All Along' - Armand Quetsch – Photo Exhibition at the Centre National de l'Audiovisuel (CNA) Luxembourg



Our role

Graphic Design


Armand Quetsch


CNA - Centre National de l'Audiovisuel

Exhibition Description

Obersalzberg, Sarajevo, Athens, Brussels, Nordhausen, Zagreb, Belgrade… these are some of the places photographer Armand Quetsch stopped by on his European odyssey – places charged with European history. But Quetsch does not operate in a documentary manner, preferring to visit the landscapes, to feel their spirit, to make images which, without words, convey an echo of history and a sense of the present situation. Inscribed in these pictures are also the dramatic developments of recent years: financial crisis, refugees, nationalism, insecurity, perplexity, despair. We see a battered oil drum, the closed gates of a bank, dilapidated housing blocks, and mist-shrouded trees.

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